2015 AJP PR4 240 Extreme

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Hello, hello Tourers! It has been a while since the last Review post I made. So, I had the chance to try something different: an off-road bike! I tested the 2015 AJP PR4 240 Extreme!

Viva Tourers! Já há algum tempo que não fazia um post com um Review. Então, tive a hipótese de experimentar algo diferente: uma moto off-road! Testei a AJP PR4 240 Extreme de 2015!

(versão Portuguesa na pág.2)

First of all, and for those of you who don’t know AJP, it is the only Portuguese motorcycle builder. It was born in 1987 and from then, it has been growing and growing. The bikes are basically Enduro bikes and some supermotos. They also successfully competed on Enduro Nacionals, which I believe was fundamental for the development of their bikes.

Being Portuguese, I was really looking forward to work with AJP so I was very happy when they answered to my e-mail accepting my challenge and lent me a 2015 AJP PR4 240 Extreme for a couple of days. I want to thank AJP Motos and send a very special compliment to them! Check out their website on www.ajpmotos.com.

This is an Extreme bike, meaning that they made some improvements to the Enduro version, specially concerning suspension. But, I’ll get to that a bit later… For now, I’ll just show it!

2015 AJP PR4 240 Extreme Review

The bike looks very good! I absolutely love those contrasts with black and red. I really enjoy how aggressive the plastics are shaped, the Polisport grip protectors suit properly on the bike, the discrete front mask and the very straight rear tail with the tiny stop light, all of it is cool!

On the above image you can see a characteristic thing on AJP bikes, which is where the fuel tank is located. It is right under the seat, with the fuel cap embedded on the seat itself, giving it a nice balanced feeling while riding as it actually lowers the gravity center.

The chassis is in aluminium and steel, so it is actually pretty solid and light. The whole composition weights 116kg, when ready to go, so if you want to compare with other road legal Enduro bikes, it is about the same weight.

About the power train, it’s a 240cc (233cc) 4-stroke 1 cylinder engine, developing 20ps and 18Nm. It is not the most powerful Enduro bike but this configuration is capable of plenty of fun in the woods! Also, it sounds pretty cool in person. I took it to the dirt, and mud, and had a blast on it!

2015 AJP PR4 240 Extreme Review

The suspension is very good, specially at the front. It is equipped with 48mm inverted Marzocchi with 300mm long course. It is adjustable, as well as the ZF Sachs rear suspension. It’s easy to ride over an obstacle and the bike takes the off-road tracks in a very ensuring way.

Although the engine is not the most powerful, it has enough soul to be used to enjoy the off-road ride and correct your trajectory whenever you need. The suspensions give you the confidence to ride it a bit harder and then it comes something that really impressed me: the brakes!

The PR4 Extreme has a 270mm brake disc at the front with a double piston caliper and at the rear there’s a single piston caliper with a 220mm disc. It is also equipped with steel braided brake hoses and the braking feels really ensuring and immediate. Really appreciated the braking on this bike and I keep thinking that this combo might be awesome on a supermoto version.

The dash is very simple on the AJP bikes. It shows the speed, neutral, lights and not much more. I liked the grip and throttle feeling, the clutch is soft and there’s also an adjuster in order to correct the clutch looseness. I like how simple it is and the only thing I can point is the horn because it is a bit awkward to reach.

The bike has a 5 speed gearbox, which was good off-road but on the road I wished there were a 6th gear. The gearbox is nice and smooth enough although, for those with big feet like me, it is possible that you touch the engine guard and miss the gear while up-shifting.
2015 AJP PR4 240 Extreme Review

I had this bike for a couple of days so I tried to test it on different situations. I took it off-road as it should be ridden but I also took it to the city and other places. Off-road is how I enjoyed it the better but if it was a supermoto I’m sure it would be lovely on the asphalt.

2015 AJP PR4 240 Extreme Review

The price for the 2015 AJP PR4 240 Extreme is 4.750,00€ + documents. If you want to compare it with the other options on the market and take into consideration the fact that this bike is for leisure Enduro, I honestly think it is a good option, specially if you’re starting.

The feedback I have for this bike is really good! I think it is an excelent compromise between the reasonable cost and what you get for it!

I want thank once more to AJP Motos for allowing me to do this review! Take a look at www.ajpmotos.com.

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