2015 Ducati Monster 821 Review

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Hey Tourers! I had the pleasure to ride a Ducati again! This time, it was a 2015 Ducati Monster 821 Dark. And, I loved it!

(Versão em Português na pág.2 – clique aqui!)

Once more, Ducati Norte gave me opportunity to ride one of their bikes. It was the fantastic Ducati Monster 821 Dark, and this version of the Monster is my favorite ever! It is so aggressive looking! It has that street-fighter vibe!

The 2015 Ducati Monster 821

The large fuel tank is beautiful and I love the way the instruments and handlebars sit lower than the tank itself. I like all the versions: the striped, the red, the white and this dark one!

2015 Ducati Monster 821 Dark Review

The Ducati Monster 821 has a modern look. I tested the Dark version, which is painted in matte black with black chassis. The headlight is modern, discrete, the parking lights are LED and it is good looking. Would I change anything on this bike? Yes, maybe shorter LED indicators and I would definitely go with the shorter optional plate holder, as the rear itself is simple and pretty. All of this and, well, all you can see, makes the Ducati Monster 821 really appealing.

2015 Ducati Monster 821 Dark Review

It would be very hard to choose one version. To me, it would be a race between the white, the dark and the stripe! I love the red wheels on the white, how stealth the dark becomes and the white stripe and the little screen on the stripe version….oh man! At the end of the day, I think I would go stripe…….or dark…..with red wheels?…..ah! Whatever….

Fantastic Sound

I had seen many clips of the Ducati Monster 821 on the internet and always thought the bike looked amazing but the sound of it was poor. I couldn’t be more wrong! I remember I was signing the paperwork to take the bike with me while the staff from Ducati Norte put the bike outside and started it up! When I heard it, I was in shock! It sounded amazing! Seriously, one of the best sounding stock exhausts I’ve ever heard on a bike!

2015 Ducati Monster 821 Dark Review

I jumped on it as soon as I could. First thing I noticed was the riding modes on the instruments. I kept it in Sport but I’ll get to that latter on!

In the City

The first kms were made in the city and that’s where I found the only things I disliked about the Ducati Monster 821. First of all, it is not easy to put it in neutral. When you come to a stop, it’s hard to find the neutral and, at the beginning, you keep going from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 1st! It is annoying till you get it right! Also, some riders complain about the exhaust manifolds touching the right leg. It is true, but, honestly, it didn’t bothered me at all as it is well protected and never got hot enough to burn me or make it uncomfortable. What I though was a problem was the turning radius! It was too wide! It should be better, but it wouldn’t make me not want this bike. It is just not a plus in the city.

Then, it was time to take it to some twisty roads. Only one thing comes to me: AMAZING!

2015 Ducati Monster 821 Dark Review

Amazing Handling and Chassis

The Ducati Monster 821 is made for this kind of ride! I could unleash all its potential and really have the taste of the bike!

The tubular chassis on this bike is very good and the bike is comfortable. I just found the seat a little too slippery, but it was good anyway. It is not bad to the passenger, either! Actually, it’s quite good for a naked bike! Not too aggressive and the legs go comfortable.

2015 Ducati Monster 821 Dark Review

On the twisty curves, the feedback and road reading it provides is amazing. The front is always there! You can push it hard and you’ll feel safe and confident. The rear tyre dimensions, different than usual, having 180/60 instead of 180/55, together with the good suspension, comfortable, ensuring and sporty at the same time, made the ride absolutely fantastic! Check out the video at the end of the page! That’s how much fun I had!

Engine and Riding Modes

As I’ve already told you above, the riding mode was set to Sport and I kept it that way. The Ducati Monster 821 is easy to ride, although I would recommend to set it to Touring or even Urban, if you’re a less experienced rider. The bike’s behaviour is completely different on each mode, and there’s 3 available: Sport, Touring and Urban. Ride-by-wire technology controls the power delivery differently on each setting and both Traction Control and ABS get different levels.

2015 Ducati Monster 821 Dark Review

The Ducati Monster 821 has a 821cc Testastretta twin, which is truly amazing! It develops 112hp and 89,4Nm. It honestly felt like it had more than the announced 112hp, specially at medium and low revs. The Sport mode releases all the power and you can feel it through all the range. The torque is very good and surprised me at low/medium regimes.

If I’m honest, the Touring mode must be the better balanced option, because it delivers the 112hp power much more progressively through all the range. But, I couldn’t help riding in Sport! It is so addicting!!!

The Urban mode limits the bike to just 75hp, which might be great for rainy conditions and less experienced riders! Otherwise, it is too boring!

You can set these parameters with the instrumentation, using the buttons on the left grip to set the bike, just as you want. ABS and Traction Control are set by the selected riding mode, or you can select its level as you want. The LCD gives you much data, such as engine temperature, ambient temperature, average fuel consumption…etc! By the way, that 6.7L/100km you see is due to sporty riding and shooting activity. Riding back, I got 5.8L/100km which is not very far from those 5.2 Ducati claims, specially taking into consideration that this was a test for a review (and on Sport mode).

2015 Ducati Monster 821 Dark Review

It was a joy of a ride! Gave me a lot of pleasure to ride the Ducati Monster 821 on this type of roads.

So, it rides really well, accelerates really well and I must say: IT BRAKES REALLY WELL! The Brembo brakes on this bike make a hell of a job, as it brakes hard, strong and progressively. And, off course, helped by the ABS system.

Table Ducati Monster 821 Dark

Looking at the table above, you can understand why the Ducati Monster 821 brakes so well. It not only has 2 x 320mm discs, but also 4 piston calipers. That is a lot of braking power! Also, the rear tyre has a width/height ratio just as the Supersport competition bikes, 180/60, offering a larger contact area and providing more traction and stability. It also improves handling and comfort, and believe me when I say you can clearly tell that!

I never reached those 5,2L/100km, but I’m not surprised if it really gets there! I got those 5,8 I mentioned above while riding in Sport and with passenger. So, I honestly believe that if you keep reasonable, you’ll get there!

2015 Ducati Monster 821 Dark Review

Equipment and Prices

It comes with loads of equipment as standard, specially electronics! It comes with Ride-by-wire, which selects different mapping according to the 3 available Riding Modes, DSP (Ducati Safety Pack), which comes with the multi-calibration ABS system and DTC (Ducati Traction Control) and the seat height is adjustable – 785mm to the lowest and 810mm to the highest.

Well, all of this comes with a price. The Ducati Monster 821 Dark is 10.599,00€ RRP, which is the lowest price for the Monster 821 range. The Red is 11.499,00€ RRP, the White is 11.679,00€ RRP and the Stripe is 12.099,00€ RRP. All the prices mentioned are true for Portugal and do not include registration and plate expenses.

In my opinion, the Ducati Monster 821 is worth the money, looking at what you get for it. All the equipment, the overall riding experience and that Ducati soul is much of what a rider might seek in a motorcycle.

Just as I keep saying, I’ll need to have a big garage and a bank account that is just as huge!

Thank so much to Ducati Norte, who once again were amazing! They got the bike ready for me to enjoy and share it with you guys! It was a while since I had been on a Ducati before and I Hope to be there again, soon!

2015 Ducati Monster 821 Dark Review

Hope you guys liked this post! Please, tell me about your own experience and opinion on the 2015 Ducati Monster 821 and subscribe to the Newsletter mailing list for plenty more to come!

Cheers! Have fun and ride safe!

Check out the video!

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2 Responses

  1. Nelson

    Boa noite Testontour,

    Desde já, foi uma óptima escolha a Ducati Monster 821 Dark, não só por eu ter uma =), mas sim porque é uma Bella Ragazza.
    Bom review, identifiquei-me com muito do que mencionaram, relativamente ao consumo que vocês obteram, posso acrescentar o seguinte, à pouco tempo foi fazer um pequeno tour de quase 500km, estava um dia de sol muito bom, e nada melhor que o aproveitar na minha Duc, sai de casa e estava no modo Urban, e pensei para mim, vou deixar estar neste modo, e assim aproveito e testo como se porta. E assim foi, fui em passeio, com muitas curvas à mistura, paisagens muito belas e muito entusiasmantes.
    Posso dizer que mesmo em Urban a Duc tem um desempenho muito bom (volto a referir que ia em modo passeio por estradas em que a velocidade não podia ser elevada), ultrapassagens e algumas acelerações mais rápidas foram feitas sem o mínimo de problema e/ou atraso. A certa altura, fui abastecer, não porque a luz de abastecimento estava acesa, mas sim porque olhei para o odómetro e marcava 240km, então decidi abastecer, qual a minha surpresa quando acabo de encher, olho para a quantidade de litros e marcava 10,04litros, por momentos pensei, estarei a ver bem? Mas sim, estava a ver muito bem! Conclusão fiz uma média de 4.3 L/100km.
    Mesmo no modo Touring, sendo que por vezes em prestações altas, faço na casa dos 5.0 a 5.2 L/100km.
    Espero que de certa forma vos possa ter ajudado com algum detalhe, e desejo-vos óptimas curvas!

    • Test On Tour

      Boa tarde Nelson,

      Muitos parabéns pela máquina! É sem dúvida uma moto extraordinária e da qual gosto muito!

      Ainda bem que gostou da review! É mesmo muito importante para mim ter esse feedback. A média de consumo de combustível que conseguiu é fantástica! Mostra, e bem, como é possível conseguir consumos abaixo do anunciado. Esse dado é importante, pois não tive oportunidade de testar a moto no modo Urban durante muito tempo e, confesso, estava completamente apaixonado pelo modo Sport!

      Obrigado pela interacção! É bom ter leitores assim!

      Divirta-se com a bela Monster e conduza em segurança!

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