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Test On Tour About Me


Sticking to the dream!

My name is Armando Almeida, a 26 years old Portuguese guy living in Porto (Oporto) and finishing my Master in Electrical Engineering!

Test On Tour About Me First BikeHow did the passion start?

Well, way before I knew what engineering was, I was already in love for cars and motorcycles.

Got the first bike when I was only 3 and I was riding it by myself even before I learn how to ride a bicycle. It was a Honda QR50 and It rapidly went to cars and bigger bikes!

Also, Motorsports played an huge role on this as I couldn’t miss a MotoGP or F1 race.


Why did I create Test On Tour?

I created Test On Tour to be, for now, something to go along side with my job and my master degree. Something to which I could escape and, with it, share my passion with everybody who enjoys the same things.

Here, I expect to present you with some reviews, maybe some news and I’ll try to recommend some little journeys you can have to enjoy life on wheels.

I just want to create better and better content and I’m counting on you guys to help me with it!

I hope you guys enjoy it and help me to grow this project!

Cheers, friends!

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