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Hi everyone! How are you doing? After telling you about summer gear I remembered of my V-Strom! And why? Because I had loads of fun with it, specially on warmer days! My 2007 Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom was a heck of bike and I’ll tell you why.

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After introducing my current bike to you guys, I think you’d like to know what bike I had the most fun with. It was trail bike. I called it an adventure bike although I think it’s more towards a dual purpose road bike.

The Adventure Bike I Had | Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom | via testontour.com | #adventurebike #trailbike #maxitrail #motorcyclefun #suzuki #dl650 #vstrom #testontour

The 2007 Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom was my very first big bike. If you go to My Garage page you’ll see that prior to the V-Strom I had a Honda QR50 and a Yamaha DT125R. It was also my very first brand new bike.

In fact, my parents got me this bike as a reward for being admitted in college for my Engineering degree, finishing high school with fantastic grades. I will never forget the feeling of getting my first big bike!

Why I got the V-Strom

At the time, I was undecided about what bike I should get. I was considering the V-Strom or a Hornet. Test riding the Hornet was the decision point. To me, the front feeling on the 2007 Honda Hornet is awful! No confidence what so ever! Obviously, I rode my dad’s bike many times before making the final decision of going with the Suzuki. I will never regret that!

The Adventure Bike I Had | Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom | via testontour.com | #adventurebike #trailbike #maxitrail #motorcyclefun #suzuki #dl650 #vstrom #testontour

I would use that bike for my daily commute to University during week, for riding along with my dad on most Saturdays and going on trips, camping, chill rides and exploring with my girlfriend! It’s also a bike that, because of its lovely handling capabilities, you can take on some sportier and funnier rides! It was spot on to me!

Having Fun!

I don’t think I can choose one particular moment that marked me more than others. I’ve done so many things with this bike!

The Adventure Bike I Had | Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom | via testontour.com | #adventurebike #trailbike #maxitrail #motorcyclefun #suzuki #dl650 #vstrom #testontour

About 2 months after I got it, we went down to Lisbon to attend the Moto GP race in Estoril. This was also the last time I saw Moto GP live, unfortunately. This was one of the very few times all 3 of us, me and my parents, went on a bike ride. Most of the times, it was just me and my dad on a ride through some twisty roads on the mountains.

The Adventure Bike I Had | Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom | via testontour.com | #adventurebike #trailbike #maxitrail #motorcyclefun #suzuki #dl650 #vstrom #testontour #camping

One thing I wish I can do again and more often, is camping trips. Me and my girlfriend took the V-Strom up to Gerês, northern Portugal. We packed the bike and went to have some fun, exploring those green sceneries. This is a bike made for this. To be stuffed with a bunch of things and go for a trip!

The Adventure Bike I Had | Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom | via testontour.com | #adventurebike #trailbike #maxitrail #motorcyclefun #suzuki #dl650 #vstrom #testontour #camping

I think you won’t judge me if I tell you I was in love for this bike! Not kidding, I really was! You don’t believe me? The first time I dropped it, I broke a mirror, an indicator and scuffed the hand guard and crash bar. You know what? I cried…. And I felt so bad for her that 1 or 2 days later I went to the dealer and bought the indicator and the mirror. I mounted those and then I manually corrected the hand guard and crash bar. It was brand new again, such as my heart. I always kept that bike immaculate!

Why I sold it

Regarding why I sold it, there’s not much to say. Financially, she had to go. But, you know? Things come and go, fortunately or unfortunately, and you need to move on! Now I have a bike I really like with which I have tons of fun.

And I’m about to tell you a little secret… I’m paying attention to the new 2017 Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom XT. I hope I can try it before I say something else. Then, I need to study the optionals available and some aftermarket parts. Who knows? For now, it’s just a bike that got me interested, is a good compromise, looks beautiful (to me!) but it’s brand spanking new! Let’s wait!

I want to know which bike you had the most fun with! Let me know on the comment box below with what bike you had the best time on 2 wheels!

Hope you guys liked to know my V-Strom! I had loads of fun with it and this keeps me inspired to keep riding and creating content to you!

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Ride Safe! Cheers!

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