Father’s Day – I did something about it…

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Hey guys! How have you all been doing? It’s been a long time since I posted here and I’m sorry for that. This has been a damn weird period in my life! I know, I know…no excuses, hence why I’ll do my very best to make sure this won’t happen again. Let’s talk about this year’s father’s day!

How was father’s day to you? To me, riding! I went so some sort of Sunday’s father’s day motorcycle meeting. Here’s the story!

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First of all, it seems like I still haven’t show you guys my “new” bike. At least here on the blog, because as those of you who follow Test On Tour social network must know, I revealed it on my Instagram. I swear I’ll show her as soon as I can. Let me explain why I didn’t do it right when I picked her up. Basically, as it was a second handed bike, I wanted to make sure everything was OK with it so I didn’t get embarrassed by something that could go wrong. Everything’s good so far, but it has been kind of a struggle to get a combination of good weather, time and having it clean, because I’ve been riding her quite a bit.

Anyway, I’ll make sure to introduce her to you very soon! Also, there are some mods I want to do to it, which I’ll tell you at the right time, but first I think I need some “tim€” to do it.

So without further ado, I’ll get on to the topic that brought me to post again. And I must tell you, this must be the most personal post so far on Test On Tour. It’s a delicate topic to me but I have the will to share with you.

If you ever visited the About section of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been riding for a long long time. Since I turned 16, I rode my bike every single day for my daily commute to school and stuff. But, on the weekends, it was time to have some fun.

Sunday’s Father’s Day Motorcycle Meeting

Basically every Sunday, in a town called Vila do Conde, about 40 km up north from where I live, there’s a motorcycle meeting. This is something that has been going on for a long time! At least, decades! As far as I know, it all started as a group of friends who got together for a coffee. It gradually grown to a weekly motorcycle meeting of dozens and dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of motorcyclists.

Me and my dad used to attend most of these. Initially, we would go on his bike and later we started to convoy on each of our bikes. It was a great time because we had fun, a coffee and a good chat!

Unfortunately, for some unexplainable reason, we stopped going there about 6 year ago. At the time, the event cooled down a little maybe because a toll was introduced to the highway most of us take to go there.

Anyway, 2 years later my dad passed away and it simply didn’t make sense for me to go there anymore… All of that would make me remember that he wouldn’t be there with me again, and it was too much pain.

But, last week, 19/03/2017, it was father’s day…and it was a Sunday. I decided to change it. I got on my bike with my lovely girlfriend and rode it there. Felt it again! It now makes sense as I see it as a way to be closer to him. We enjoyed it, we had our coffee and a nice chat! The only downside was the weather, because it was a bit cloudy and chilly!

Soon, with better weather and maybe more bikes, I’ll go there again and film a little of what goes on! For now, I’ll leave you a short video of it down below!

Hope you guys enjoyed this article and the video! If so, please subscribe to my youtube channel and to the newsletter right on the sidebar, so that you never loose a post!

Ride safe and have fun! Cheers!

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