2016 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Review

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I’ve been lucky enough to get back on a HD bike! It was the 2016 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob! It’s noisy, it’s big and it’s full of character! In summary, it might be everything one would want to stand out in the crowd!

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Thanks to Harley-Davidson Porto, I got back on a very cool motorcycle! Don’t miss the chance to stop by their store and take a look on their lovely machines! Also, check out their website, which is amazing, and their Facebook page! Thank you guys!

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Review

The Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Style

This bike has definitely been made to get noticed! It was amazing how much people seemed to like the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob. I think the bike is beautiful but I honestly thought that people in general, not necessarily into bikes, wouldn’t appreciate it. Well, I was wrong. This bike got noticed in a way I wasn’t expecting! Everyone looked! Men, women, kids, younger and older… And I don’t think this was just because the bike is a Harley-Davidson, because it didn’t happen with the Iron nor the Street!

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Right Side

Just so you understand the magnitude, when I stopped to get some last detail shots, I could barely do my job! People came by, asked me about the bike, took photos with it and I basically grabbed a little window in time and shot 4 or 5 photos embracing the last perfect rays of the sunset and….got the hell out of there! eheh I love to interact with people and potential followers, but that was one of those times you are just on the clock! Amazing experience, though!

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

The 2016 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob has some unique characteristics that make it get notice. The dual headlights, looking like bullets, give some aggressiveness to the front of the bike and the big tyre is menacing. I also loved the design of the handlebar itself. The way it is shaped, the place where the turning lights stand and its ergonomics are absolutely amazing.

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Handlebar

I also like the fact that the instruments are placed on the tank. That way, it keeps the front clean and simple, as it should.

Then, there’s the Tommy-Gun style exhaust. It fits perfectly on it, keeping the “bad boy” soul of the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob. And what to say about the new rear section? In my opinion the tail was the worst part on the previous Fat Bob. On this model, the rear looks amazing! And I actually think it looks better with the passenger seat on.

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Rear

The fat rear tyre looks brutal on the whole set and you can see how proportional the bike is from the rear. The bike looks badass and that’s exactly how you feel while riding it! 

The bike was designed for riding, intense sensations, and following a tradition that came from the Bobbers and Choppers.

The Riding Experience

I rode it in the city, on the highway and through some backroads and, honestly, the city was where I enjoyed it the least. Not because of the way it handles, but because being an air-cooled on a hot day made me boil. Also, it is a big bike, so it is not the easiest through traffic.

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Left

The riding position on the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob is comfortable and upright, and the seat felt amazing. Your arms go comfortable and the leg positioning is kind of relaxing. The suspension is a bit hard, although it stills comfortable for the rider, even on rougher roads.

Concerning the passenger, the Fat Bob is a bit more uncomfortable. The seat is small and hard, so the roughness of the rear shocks, although the pre-load is adjustable, make it a little unpleasant.

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Review

The fact that you seat quite low on the bike, and the front is so bulky, makes the highway journeys fairly comfortable! It’s like having some sort of deflector screen. Moreover, you put it into 6th gear and you get a rather smooth ride through the highway.

The Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Twin Cam 103 engine does a hell of job. 103 means the engine has 103 cubic inches capacity, which is 1.690cc, developing 132Nm torque! I found it well balanced and felt like the bike vibrates less than the Iron. The power delivery is relatively smooth but you can definitely feel it! 

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Review

The 4 piston braking system with 300mm discs in the front makes a very good job. It gave me confidence to push it and ride it hot approaching the corners. The rear brake does its job, keeping the braking balanced. The bike weights 320kg so I was wondering about the braking ability. Turns out, no worries there!

The handling on the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob is very good, specially considering it is a 2400mm long bike. As I said, in town, it is not good. But, on the back and twisty roads, you can have a lot of fun. Off course you can’t get too crazy as the bike isn’t made for that, but you can enjoy some cornering. The overall handling experience is very good and you end up not feeling the bike’s weight.

You can power your way out of the corners with that lovely torque or you can just take it for a nice run on the back roads, enjoying the scenery!

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob REVIEW

The instruments are very simple. You don’t get much more than the fuel level and the speed. On left side of the tank, there is a fake fuel cap that is in fact your fuel level indicator and then, on the right, there is the fuel cap itself. At the centre, there the speedometer which also has the odometer, trips and engine rev counter.

Below all of this, theres an huge button, which is the ignition, and a tiny stripe panel that shows you some warning lights and indications.

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Review

The Harley-Davidson Fat Bob is meant to be refined but very simple and aggressive at the same time, so the controls are very easy to understand. On the right there is the hazards, power and start buttons and then on the left you have the lights, horn and board computer navigation. You control the indicators on each hand respectively.

Depending on the color you choose, you can get the 2016 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob from 17.790,00€ to 19.290,00€, which is a lot of money. Although the price is high, you get a very exclusive motorcycle that has a lot of character and you still can get performance out of it. It’s fun to ride, absolutely beautiful, it’s rough, not the most comfortable but really desirable!

If I had the money, I would love to have one of these in my garage as a bike for solo runs and being cool! Respect to Harley-Davidson! What a machine you just enhanced!

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Review

Once again, I want to thank you Harley-Davidson Porto for providing me with this beast for a very cool ride! Hope to visit you again soon!

By the way, did you notice the amazing graffiti on the photos? It is called a Filigrama and it was painted by Costah, an amazing artist whose work you can see here.

Here’s a little I made with it!

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Ride safe!


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