2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review

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Hey guys! It is time for a new Review! Harley-Davidson describes this bike as having the mile-eating performance of the Dyna chassis wrapped in no-nonsense, stripped-down, hardcore bobber style. That’s right! I tested the new 2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob!

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How have you been doing? Have you seen the last post, where I presented one of my past bikes? Did you enjoy it? Well, it is time for a new post now! I was in touch with Harley-Davidson Porto and was given the chance to ride the new Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob. It’s been a while since the last review I made. And it was an Harley-Davidson actually, the Dyna Fat Bob.

I really really wanted to ride a Twin Cam 103 engine again, because I’m trying to get on the new Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine and wanted to have a fresh memory to compare.

Street Bob – Bobber Style

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review | via testontour.com | #testontour #motorcyclereview #harleydavidson #streetbob #harleyride #dyna #review

The Street Bob is supposed to look simpler than it actually is. Harley-Davidson describes it as an aggressive bobber and yet minimalist. That’s what it is. 

It is one of those bikes that you immediately identify as an Harley-Davidson just by the looks.

Concerning the looks, I find it hard to describe this bike. It looks so minimalist that it makes hard for you to find the words. It’s simple! If you’re into bikes, there’s a big chance you know the TV series Sons of Anarchy. That is exactly how you feel riding this one! Except for the outlaw side of things…

The single headlight keeps the front clean and the first thing I notice when facing the bike is the handlebars. The mini ape-hanger handlebar is kind of scary but it’s surprisingly comfortable. But, that’s exactly the first of only 2 things I’d change on the Street Bob. For me, it needs a drag-style handlebar like the Fat Bob. Although I think it would get less comfortable…and a bit away from the bobber style…

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review | via testontour.com | #testontour #motorcyclereview #harleydavidson #streetbob #harleyride #dyna #review

The second thing I’d change is just for fun and looks. The exhaust! I’d go with a Vance & Hines! I need to say that the stock exhaust sounds really good though. Actually, better than the Fat Bob.

I really like the bobber profile of the Street Bob. The low seat and higher handlebars look fantastic and the spoke wheels are the perfect fit.

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review | via testontour.com | #testontour #motorcyclereview #harleydavidson #streetbob #harleyride #dyna #review

The wider tank suits the whole dimension of the bike, specially because of the bulky gearbox sticking out! Love that! Too bad this example had a pillion seat mounted as it kind of takes off the simplicity and the roundness of the tail. But, you know, I used it to ride the bike as a proper bad boy, with my girl on the back!  😈

I need to refer how cool the Harley-Davidson Medallions on the tank look. They are huge and absolutely beautiful.

The overall look of the Street Bob is loyal to what HD says:

The mile-eating performance of our Dyna® chassis wrapped in no-nonsense, stripped-down, hardcore bobber style.

I really liked how the Street Bob looks. Everything makes sense on that bobber! It really is a bad boy’s bike!

Riding Comfort

One thing I was certainly afraid, because of the bobber style, was the riding position. I thought I would have some kind of tiring or pain on my arms, which didn’t happen. But, after some kilometers I started to feel some back discomfort. I’m not entirely sure the bike is to blame. On my way to the dealer, to return it, I felt perfectly good so I think the slight pain was due to me being a bit tense maybe.

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review | via testontour.com | #testontour #motorcyclereview #harleydavidson #streetbob #harleyride #dyna #review

When the asphalt is good, the Street Bob just flows but the rear suspension is really hard, as I was expecting. This means that on brick roads, so common here in Porto, it is less friendly but livable. The worse part is in holes or deformations in your path…it hurts, but I believe it’s part of the whole experience!

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review | via testontour.com | #testontour #motorcyclereview #harleydavidson #streetbob #harleyride #dyna #review

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review | via testontour.com | #testontour #motorcyclereview #harleydavidson #streetbob #harleyride #dyna #review

The controls are exactly the same as the ones of the Fat Bob. Easy to reach, easy to navigate through the menu on the dash, also similar to the Fat Bob.

I always prefer the mode Gear/RPM in which you can see what gear you’re in and engine revs. You use that top-left button on the left grip to scroll through the menu. 

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review | via testontour.com | #testontour #motorcyclereview #harleydavidson #streetbob #harleyride #dyna #review

It is impressive as a stripped-down bobber still has this commodities. Such a good compromise!

One last note about the comfort of the Street Bob goes to the fact that the foot pegs are in line with the seat and not far at the front of the bike. I liked this before on the Iron 883 and it works also on the Street Bob.


Now, let’s talk about the fantastic Twin Cam 103 engine! 103, means it has 1690cc developing 126Nm of torque that is pretty much always there! As an air-cooled engine, you don’t get a kick of torque. Instead, it’s simply always there! You twist the throttle and it goes! It just goes!

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review | via testontour.com | #testontour #motorcyclereview #harleydavidson #streetbob #harleyride #dyna #review

The 6 speed gearbox is super nice. I felt like this was one of the points where Harley-Davidson showed everyone that they do know how to make a motorcycle. The bike vibrates because it is supposed to! It’s an Harley! But, that gearbox is really smooth and the ratios are perfect.

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review | via testontour.com | #testontour #motorcyclereview #harleydavidson #streetbob #harleyride #dyna #review

Furthermore, I think it’s beautiful, just as the engine itself! Love how it sticks out prominently!

But, if it goes well, the Street Bob also needs to stop. The brakes do their job but they’re not as good as the ones on the Fat Bob, for example. The Street Bob is not for racing and it’s about 16kg lighter than the Fat Bob, so I never felt like the brakes were weak. 

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review | via testontour.com | #testontour #motorcyclereview #harleydavidson #streetbob #harleyride #dyna #review

It also comes equipped, standard, with ABS. So, you’re a bit safer if you need to pull the levers a bit harder.


The front tire is a 100/90 B19 and the rear is 160/70 B17. This, the low center of gravity and the hard suspension made the Street Bob super agile. I was seriously impressed by the handling and felt immediately comfortable filtering the traffic and the Street Bob is quite a big bike with a wheelbase of 1630mm. I think you’ll be able to see that on a video I’ll post later on my Youtube channel.

By the way, the rear suspension pre-load is adjustable so there’s a margin to adjust the level of hardness you like.

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Review | via testontour.com | #testontour #motorcyclereview #harleydavidson #streetbob #harleyride #dyna #review

It is very easy to throw the Street Bob into the corners, with or without a passenger. At the beginning I felt a bit nervous as I was always waiting for when I scrapped something but that’s more an illusion than a reality on reasonable riding.


I tested the top of the Dyna range, the Fat Bob, and the entry model, the Street Bob. I honestly prefer the Street Bob. In the Dyna family, this bike is, to me, where you get the most value for the money. Everything else is a matter of personal taste.

The Street Bob has a price starting from 15.100€ in Portugal, $13.849 in the US and 12.245£ in the UK. And, it comes stock with ABS and anti-theft alarm system.

I would love to have had the chance to get it just a couple more hours, to try and see if that little back discomfort I felt had something to do with the bike itself or if it was me.

In summary, the Harley-Davidson Street Bob is a badass bike that makes you feel super cool and is very pleasant to ride. It is definitely a bucket list bike!

I want to thank once more to HD Porto for letting me use their bike for this test! Check their website and like them on facebook!

I hope you find this review useful and liked it! Subscribe to the Newsletter for plenty to come! And tell me what is your opinion on the Street Bob!

Ride Safe!

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