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Hello Guys! So spring is on and the weather is getting warmer. It’s time to get the coat liners off of our motorcycle jackets and enjoy riding a bit fresher. Also, this is the time of the year that many bikes come out of their hibernation period and in need of some love. I’ll show you my idea of a nice outfit and how you can get motorcycle parts for your machine.

Most of the times, during summer, it’s not enough for me to remove the removable inside layer of my jacket. As it has D-dry technology, it makes a good job keeping the warm inside. Besides that, I really appreciate the feeling of riding fresher and lighter, and in good fashion, with motorcycle gear that is also easy to carry.

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As you must know, many bikers can’t ride the whole year so, in order to take the bike out after a long hibernation, it needs a service and probably some maintenance motorcycle parts. I ride my bike during most of the year. This means that its service is in a normal schedule, but there still is things I need or want to do.

I used Bike Bandit website to create a list of motorcycle parts and motorcycle gear that I’d like to get. You can use these links to a motorcycle parts store to search parts for your specific motorcycle.

Summer Motorcycle Gear

To me, being a rider is not having a motorcycle in the garage, but to embrace the motorcycle lifestyle as a whole. And I love to feel nice when I’m riding. Now that the warm weather is coming, I like to ride with motorcycle gear that looks a bit better and….well…fashion wise, good! But, always keeping you protected!

In my opinion, you don’t always need a full face helmet and an armored jacket in the city and on a chill ride. Your motorcycle gear is supposed to be comfortable, safe and make you feel good.

Surfing through the motorcycle gear section on Bike Bandit, I came up with the following combination.

Summer Motorcycle Gear & Motorcycle Parts | Bike Bandit | via | #testontour #motorcycleparts #summergear #summermotorcyclegear #motorcycletires #summerlook #newparts #keepbikefresh #summerriding #bikebandit

I like this HJC IS-33 II Helmet as it is simple and has a very inviting price. For $149,99 USD I think the quality-cost ratio is very good. It has a sun visor and comes with a peak visor, easy to install, if you don’t want to have the visor shown above.

One advice: don’t go for the matte black! My current helmet is matte black and all it takes for it to get scratched is a gust of wind…

Summer Motorcycle Gear & Motorcycle Parts | Bike Bandit | via | #testontour #motorcycleparts #summergear #summermotorcyclegear #motorcycletires #summerlook #newparts #keepbikefresh #summerriding #bikebandit

What about a badass leather jacket? I love it, although it is probably the most expensive piece of your motorcycle gear.

Really liked this brown Alpinestars Brass leather jacket. This bad boy costs $579,95 USD and has removable protections for elbows and shoulders. It also has a back protector pocket. 

Summer Motorcycle Gear & Motorcycle Parts | Bike Bandit | via | #testontour #motorcycleparts #summergear #summermotorcyclegear #motorcycletires #summerlook #newparts #keepbikefresh #summerriding #bikebandit

I also fell in love for this gloves! I always prefer short gloves, and these Icon 1000 Axys are just as I like. The price of style is $85,00 USD, which is very much OK.

Summer Motorcycle Gear & Motorcycle Parts | Bike Bandit | via | #testontour #motorcycleparts #summergear #summermotorcyclegear #motorcycletires #summerlook #newparts #keepbikefresh #summerriding #bikebandit

Keep yourself Safe!

Most of the time, I ride my bike wearing jeans. Not ideal, I know, but most of us do it! Usually, riding jeans are damn expensive, so it was a very good surprise to find the Icon Strongarm 2 Motorcycle pants. I think they’re beautiful, have reinforced knees and cost only $85,00 USD.

Summer Motorcycle Gear & Motorcycle Parts | Bike Bandit | via | #testontour #motorcycleparts #summergear #summermotorcyclegear #motorcycletires #summerlook #newparts #keepbikefresh #summerriding #bikebandit

The last piece of motorcycle gear, and to me the most difficult to find, are the riding shoes. I’d choose the Alpinestars J-8 shoes, with brown accents to go with the jacket and give it a twist. They cost $159,95 USD and I really think it’s worth it. I have some big riding boots, but for everyday riding, they’re not very pleasant. These are pretty, they look natural and still give you ankle protection!

Oh! And the shipping cost for all of this is FREE for the US and only $74,11 USD for Portugal!

Motorcycle gear can be a very expensive addiction, because there’s many cool stuff nowadays for us to choose and look cool on our day-to-day riding adventures.

Let me know what do you think about this motorcycle gear selection for the summer!

Motorcycle Tires

On my last post, when I presented you my new bike, I told you I was looking for motorcycle tires for it. I used Bike Bandit motorcycle tires store to look further.

They have a very useful tire finder with some dropboxes for you to choose and click your riding style and motorcycle make/model. After you select those, they’ll automatically filter the motorcycle tires that fit your bike.

When you select a certain tire, they tell you what size fits your bike. I find this mechanism to be very useful and I found the 2 motorcycle tires I was looking for. As you must know, I was looking for Bridgestone’s S20 (EVO if available) or Pirelli’s Diablo Rosso 2.

Summer Motorcycle Gear & Motorcycle Parts | Bike Bandit | via | #testontour #motorcycleparts #summergear #summermotorcyclegear #motorcycletires #summerlook #newparts #keepbikefresh #summerriding #bikebandit

My FZ8 uses 120/70-17 on the front and 180/55-17 on the rear. They have a special offer right now, and the set of S20 tires would cost a total of $237,02 USD, which is great! The normal list price is $381,71 USD for the set.

Summer Motorcycle Gear & Motorcycle Parts | Bike Bandit | via | #testontour #motorcycleparts #summergear #summermotorcyclegear #motorcycletires #summerlook #newparts #keepbikefresh #summerriding #bikebandit

I feel like I know Bridgestone very well, so there’s other motorcycle tires I’d like to try, like Pirelli’s Diablo Rosso 2. You’re probably asking why I’m talking about the Rosso 2 and not the Rosso 3. That’s because I don’t like the look of the Rosso 3 tread and they’re a bit more expensive.

The set of Rosso 2 motorcycle tires would cost $239,54 USD, with the special offer, instead of $351,90 USD.

The only negative for me is that Bike Bandit motorcycle parts store only ship tires by ground, so I can’t get them with this awesome special offer here in Portugal! if you live in the US, the shipping will much probably be FREE!

Motorcycle Parts

As I told you, I ride my bike the entire year. So, service wise, I obey the manufacturer schedule but I keep a close eye on it. If I think it needs a service before due, I’ll do it. It’s not expensive and keeps the bike in good shape.

But, there’s some stuff I’d like to do though. For example, my rear fender is a bit scuffed and, because the bike had the original top-case mount, it was cutted. I looked for good condition used rear fairings online, but it’s very hard to find them. The very few I found were also scuffed. So, I started thinking about buying carbon-fiber vinyl to wrap it myself. I thought about a carbon-fiber rear fairing but as soon as I saw the price, I changed my mind!

A Motorcycle Parts Store

The Bike Bandit motorcycle parts store was like a treasure to me! If you click on OEM parts or aftermarket parts, you’ll be able to select your bike’s make and model. After that, you just have to select what kind of parts you’re looking for and you’ll get an exploded image of the section of your bike. This is priceless! I just love it!

Summer Motorcycle Gear & Motorcycle Parts | Bike Bandit | via | #testontour #motorcycleparts #summergear #summermotorcyclegear #motorcycletires #summerlook #newparts #keepbikefresh #summerriding #bikebandit

Isn’t that AMAZING?? You know it is! This is the best motorcycle parts store online that I know. So easy to use and helpful! I never found a parts store like this and each time I found an exploded image I would have to pay to have access. This is brilliant!

In my case, I need the part number 15. The used ones I found on e-bay, cost between $90 to $100 plus shipping. This is brand new for $120,95 USD plus shipping! I think it’s worth it! I would probably get the sealings (17 and 18) too, as they are so cheap. The sealings and the fender would be $132,11 USD!

Once again, the shipping would be FREE in the US and about $74 USD to Portugal. If you include more stuff, it gets diluted and you barely notice it. This got to be the best motorcycle parts store!

I hope you guys liked this post! Please tell me if you found motorcycle parts and gear on Bike Bandit website!

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Ride Safe! Cheers!

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